The tradition of cultural gatherings of the inhabitants of Jezera are continued today by the folklore society KUD «Koledišće» which was founded in 1970. It was named after the old square of Jezera called Koledišće in the district Selo next to the former town hall (viknice) where the town representatives gathered on the island of Murter. The inhabitants of Jezera have been lighting koliadas, dancing at weddings, getting together at Koledišće for centuries.

KUD «Koledišće» is a great example of long-term preservation of folk heritage which it propagates throughout the country and abroad, it has received numerous awards and recognitions thanks to generations of inhabitants of Jezera. In the cultural heritage of the people of Jezera, the unique «The Sailor Ball of Jezera» is particularly interesting, the custom of sending off a young seaman on his first voyage which delves into the distant past and is organized since 1911 when the League of sailors from Jezera was founded in Jezera.


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