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Inhabitants of Jezera have always been engaged in vineyards, olive growing, fruit growing, fishing, navigating, and the extraction of sand and stones. They have little arable land so they have always been connected with the sea.

They are the owners of a number of islands east and south of the Island of Murter, including part of the Island Kaprije and Žirja as well as a smaller part of the Kornati Islands. They are known, as skilled seafarers/navigators so navigating and fishing are important parts of their economy. Jezera has the most fishermen and seafarers on the Island of Murter.

Since 1682 the inhabitants of Jezera have been hunting on the Kornati and nearby islands. Despite being the smallest village on the island in the 18th century, it boasted the largest fleet of boats.  Besides being used for fishing, boats were also used to transport stones from the local quarry mainly to Šibenik and Zadar. The inhabitants of Jezera also engaged in stone masonry. Out of all the fishing cooperatives in this part of the Adriatic, the oldest one is located in Jezera founded on August 9, 1922.